SquareMarket helps restaurants discover, connect with and buy directly from local craft breweries

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What is Squaremarket?

SquareMarket is an online marketplace to help restaurants seamlessly source the best local craft beverage products, and do so directly from the supplier with no middleman.

From product discovery and communications to ordering and payment, everything is done in one place and supported by SquareMarket from discovery to delivery.

Discover Craft Breweries

We're making the extensive network of 350+ Ontario craft breweries more accessible

Seamlessly place orders

Create an account and begin ordering directly from local breweries in second

Organize your business

Manage all brewery relationships, orders, invoices and more in one central location

Streamline communications

Initiate and maintain all conversations with suppliers in a single place

Why We're building it

We have broad experience across the restaurant industry and know that running a restaurant is really hard. From creating an exciting menu to marketing, managing employees and more, it's a complex endeavor. A large part of that complexity is running a great beverage program.

The beverage landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years, with the craft segment growing rapidly and taking an increasing market share. With this growth has come an explosion in the number of suppliers and products that restaurants have to source from and manage. These suppliers often have very manual and innefficient processes for ordering, payment and invoicing, and restaurants need to deal with dozens of these processes each week.

SquareMarket is bringing all of these separate relationships onto a single platform to save restaurants time and money, while improving menus.

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