Supplier User Guide


SquareMarket Supplier Partners recieve access to their own Supplier Portal once they are onboarded. The Supplier Portal is a place for SquareMarket Supplier Partners to manage their storefront within the Marketplace, onboarding requests, orders and payments. Below is a brief but comprehensive guide on how to use the portal. If there are any questions now answered below, please reach out to us at - we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Supplier Onboarding Process

For suppliers interested in joining SquareMarket, the process begins with first indicating interest with us either through completing the Supplier Contact Form at our website or through emailing us directly. Our team will send across a brief package outlining some key information about SquareMarket and our platform, as well as requesting some information about your business in order for us to start building your storefront and setting up your supplier portal

Once we set everything up, we will reach out to schedule a video call to walk through the platform and show you how to operate it (the details of which are below). Prior to this call, you will receive an email from us to set your account password and log in.

Supplier Storefront

SquareMarket has designed its marketplace to be ‘brand-first’, rather than ‘product-first’; this means that suppliers will truly own their customer experience and data.

  • Our design allows suppliers to have their own space to grow their business while also offering their customers a ‘one-stop-shop’ feel that they highly value.

The storefront consists of various information about the supplier, like company name, logo, description, links to website and sales contact information for licensees. It also contains the supplier’s product catalog that restaurants can browse and order from.

Supplier Portal Overview

The Supplier Portal is where the storefront is managed, product catalogue is managed and onboarding requests and orders come in.

Supplier Portal: Managing Orders

This is where all onboarding requests and restaurant orders will appear, in addition to an email notification letting you know about the request or order.

You are able to click into each order to get more detail on the restaurant customer and edit any notes on the customer.

  • Each order comes in as 'Open' and 'Unfulfilled'.
  • Once you have reviewed the order and choose to accept it, select the 'Manage' button on that order and select accept. This indicates to the restaurant that you intend to deliver their order.
  • Once you have delivered the physical product to the customer, you will need to click into the 'Show X items' dropdown within that order, click the 'Manage' dropdown menu and click 'Fulfill this line item'.
    • You will be prompted to input tracking information, feel free to include your company name and any internal shipping number you would like to add. Otherwise, you can put a dummy number in there (cannot leave blank).
Supplier Portal: Managing Products

This is the place to add, remove or edit your product catalogue as seen on your storefront within our marketplace.

  • Each product can be edited or removed by clicking on the 'Manage' dropdown menu beside each product.
Supplier Portal: Adding Products

To add a product,

  • Click on the 'Add Products' button on the right side of the portal in the 'Actions' section.
  • This will bring you to an option to manually add a product or import one from another store.
  • The simplest way to add a product is to choose 'Add a physical product using our form'.
  • A form with 5 quick steps will appear for you to begin adding your product.

  • When adding a product, it is best to add the overall product (rather than individual product sizes), as you will have the option later on to add 'variants' to the product where you can account for different sizes (12 pack, 24 pack, etc.).
  • Prices can be adjusted for each of these variants. The 'Compare Price' can be left blank.

Once 'Save & Next' is clicked, you will be brought to the 'Inventory' tab:

You have the option (not required) to add the SKU and Barcode for your product here. Restaurants will be able to see this when ordering.

  • If you choose to track inventory within SquareMarket, you have the option to track it here and keep that up to date within the dashboard.
  • If you would not like to track inventory, choose the 'Don't track inventory' option in the drop down.

The next step is to add images of your product. You will be able to add several images that restaurants can scroll through when viewing your product.

The next step is adding 'Variants' as mentioned above. You will be able to choose what types of variants you add, with 'size' being the most common one to add. Different prices, SKUs, Barcodes and inventory can be added for each variant.

The final step is account for Fulfillment. The SquareMarket team continues to build out this aspect of our marketplace, but for now, we ask that you un-select the 'This is a physical product' checkbox so no shipping or fulfillment is tracked within SquareMarket.

Then that's it! Your product will be submitted to us for a quick review so we can ensure the information was inputted correctly and so we can ensure it can only be purchased by restaurants that you have onboarded. We aim to approve a product within 30 minutes of it being submitted, however sometimes it may take slightly longer.

Adding Products from Existing Ecommerce Store

Alternatively, you can import your product catalogue from an existing ecommerce store like Shopify. By doing this, you are also able to use 'Live Connect' which automatically pushes changes from your core store to your product catalogue on SquareMarket. 

To do this, navigate to the Product tab within the Supplier Portal and click on 'Import Products from Store' on the right side. Then choose 'Import products by connecting to a Shopify store' in the drop down menu and enter your store URL.

We will need certain permissions from your core store in order to pull in this information. Once you agree to those permissions, click the button on the bottom of the screen that says 'Import products from your Shopify store' to initiate the process. An import will occur in the background. 

This will bring you to a page showing your Shopify products in your core store. You can then choose to bring in certain ones by clicking on the 'Manage' dropdown menu on each product and clicking 'Publish'.

To automate this process and enable Live Connect, navigate to the Products tab and click 'Auto Add Product' on the right side of the screen, then hit enable.

As you add, remove, or edit products within your core store, these changes will be automatically pushed to your page within SquareMarket.

Supplier Portal: Managing Other Products

Product Deposits: As part of the onboarding process, we will have created a set of product deposits for you that automically adds to the restaurant's order. For example, if a restaurant orders a case of 12 cans, a deposit of $1.20 will be automatically added to their cart or if they order a 50L keg, a $50 deposit will be added. These are treated as standalone products within your supplier page, and you can manage them by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the 'Orders' tab within the Supplier Portal, and click on the 'Manage' dropdown menu beside the deposits product.
  • Click on the 'Variants' tab to add, remove or edit any of the product deposits you would like. You will be able to edit the price of these deposits.
  • These may take some time before being applied automatically to the right product, but should not take longer than a few minutes.

Keg Returns: As part of the onboarding process, we will have created a keg return product for you (if you indicated you sell kegs) that a restaurant can add to their cart to indicate they are returning a keg as part of their next order. These are treated just like the other products within your supplier page, and you can manage them by doing the following:

  • Navigate to the 'Orders' tab within the Supplier Portal, and click on the 'Manage' dropdown menu beside the keg return product.
  • Click on the 'Variants' tab to add, remove or edit any of the product keg return types you would like. You will be able to edit the price of these returns.
  • Now, if a restaurant adds this product to their order, it will discount their order by the keg return amount, as long as they order another keg.   

Note that deposits are not a taxable item and keg returns only net off another keg deposit on the same order. When a restaurant adds more keg returns to their cart than they have new keg orders, suppliers will need to keep track of this and either carry the value forward (manually removing new keg deposit(s) on subsequent orders within the Supplier Portal) or let us know to issue a refund of the keg deposit(s) to the customer (if you do not expect the customer to order more kegs in the future).

Supplier Portal: Managing Payments (Coming Soon)

We are currently building out the Payments tab within the Supplier Portal, which will offer visibility into payment status of your orders. The payments tab is where you will be able to see the payment status of your orders. 

  • SquareMarket sends weekly payouts to each supplier based on the preceding 7 days of 'fulfilled' orders.
  • Only orders characterized as 'Fulfilled' will be included in that weeks payout.
  • This tab is also where users will connect their Stripe account in order to get paid out.
    • This is done by clicking the 'Payout using Stripe' button on the right side of the page. Once you follow the Stripe registration process, or connect an existing Stripe account, we will be able to begin payouts through Stripe.
    • 'Payout using Paypal' is not yet available.
Supplier Portal: Creating & Editing the Storefront

To create and edit your storefront, navigate to the 'Settings' tab and down to the 'User' section and click on 'Profile'.

This will bring you to the Profile page which contains all the information about your business and populates the storefront.

Once the information is inputted, click Save and navigate to the 'Home' tab where you can click on the 'Brand Page Settings' button on the right panel. This will open a new tab where you can click 'Preview' on the top right to view your page as restaurant users will.

Marketplace Processess: Supplier Onboarding a Restaurant Customer

Restaurants need to be onboarded to a supplier before they are allowed to begin ordering from them. This process is very simple and is executed as follows:

  • Restaurant adds a supplier’s ‘Request Onboarding’ product to their cart and checks out with it (free product). The restaurant’s onboarding data will be included within this order.
  • Supplier receives request in their Supplier Portal ‘Orders’ section and initiate their internal process for onboarding a restaurant. This may include reaching out to the restaurant directly to schedule a call or requesting more information.
  • Once the supplier is complete this process, they will ‘accept’ and ‘fulfill’ the restaurant’s onboarding request within the Supplier Portal. This will then allow restaurants to begin ordering products.

Please note, SquareMarket does not verify restaurant information as part of their account creation - that responsibility lies with each supplier. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Marketplace Processess: Order Flow

SquareMarket’s payment partner is Stripe.

Our goal is to keep the order flow as straightforward and transparent as possible, while minimizing fees and maximizing convenience. The order flow process is outlined below:

  • On the restaurant side, users add products to their cart and checkout with a credit card
  • Once the restaurant executes their order, our system is authorized to charge their card for the total amount for (7) days.
  • The order will appear in the corresponding supplier’s portal within the ‘Orders’ section. The supplier can choose to accept the order, meaning you intend to fulfill it, or reject the order, which cancels the payment on the restaurant side.
  • The restaurant is notified of the order approval and waits for the product to be delivered on a date and time specified in conversations between the supplier and restaurant directly.
  • Invoices will be sent to the restaurant and supplier.
  • Once the product is delivered, the supplier should then change the order status to ‘fulfilled’ and the payment will be included in corresponding payout period.
Marketplace Processess: Payment Flow

With the same goal in mind as our process of the order process, we aim to make the payment flow very simple and transparent. The payment flow process is outlined below:

  • As mentioned above, the restaurants credit card is charged once the supplier accepts their order
  • SquareMarket operates on a weekly payout schedule to vendors, meaning we accumulate each supplier’s orders for that week and payout in aggregate on Friday evenings for the preceding 7 days ended Thursday
  • With each payout, suppliers will receive a bulk package of all their invoices for that week

If you require immediate payouts or a one time payout at any time, please reach out to us at and we can work something out.


Last updated: 21-Jun-21