What is Squaremarket?

SquareMarket is an online marketplace to connect restaurants directly to local food and beverage suppliers. We give restaurants one single place to onboard, order, pay and receive invoices from their suppliers - beginning with craft breweries.

We believe that a direct relationship between restaurants and local food and beverage suppliers is very important. It creates a more meaningful and transparent supply chain that will end up benefiting everyone along the way.

Right now, its very difficult for restaurants to find and develop a relationship with great local food and beverage suppliers. The information is scattered across the internet or not online at all. Even once a restaurant has found their suppliers, managing the weekly workload of ordering, payments and invoicing across dozens of suppliers who may have very manual and inefficient processes creates a ton of needless work for restaurants.

We want to make finding and ordering from local food and beverage suppliers easier than ordering from a distributor. SquareMarket does not replace the restaurant-supplier relationship like many distributors do, we enhance it. By connecting restaurants directly to their suppliers and supporting that relationship from end-to-end with technology, we can create a strong network of local businesses supporting each other.

Together we can create a new structure within the food and beverage business that puts the power back in the local players.

We're creating an online marketplace where restaurants can easily find and get in touch with local suppliers, then we support that relationship behind the scenes with technology. We power the ordering, payments and invoicing processes to make them as seamless as possible.

The dozens of calls, texts and emails restaurants send to each supplier to figure out what and how much product they can order, actually placing the order and coordinating delivery will be replaced with 3 clicks. Payments will be completely seamless and much more secure. Invoices will no longer be a peice of paper on top of the phyical order or in an email days later, but will all be digital and immediately available once the order is placed.

Our technology reduces a significant amount of needless work, so restaurants can focus on more important aspects of their business while suppliers have more time to add real, meaningful value to their restaurant customers.

For Restaurants

Detailed questions and comments regarding the restaurant user experience on SquareMarket.

We're going to save you time, save you money and help improve your menu.

Running a restaurant is hard - we know from experience. We believe that the right technology, built for the restaurant industry, can solve a lot of the headaches owners, managers and employees face in day-to-day operations.

Currently, restaurants manage all aspects of their supplier relationships manually, including onboarding, ordering, payments and invoicing. This is all done separately per each supplier, which wastes a ton of time and leads to higher costs. We're also making it much easier to find the right food and beverage suppliers, so you will have access to a much broader selection rather than just featuring the suppliers that knock on your door.

Once you create an account by clicking on the 'Restaurant Dashboard' button at the top of the page, you will be able to browse and onboard to our craft brewery partners. Each supplier page has a 'Request Onboarding' button that indicates you are interested in learning more and/or onboarding to them.

Each supplier will be in touch shortly after to get to know your business, share more about theirs, and get any required onboarding information so you can start ordering from them.

SquareMarket is completely free for restaurants to use. No monthly subscription. No commission.

We continue to add Supplier Partners to SquareMarket, but there will be some missing. Let us know any specific suppliers you would like to see on SquareMarket and we will work to get them onboarded.

Our goal is to make your experience as seamless as possible. If you experience an issue with our platform, we will address that as quickly as possible. If you experience an issue with the supplier, you can either contact them directly or let us know and we'll pass it along.

We can be reached 24/7 through the chat box in the bottom left of your screen, through email at info@squaremarket.io or by phone at 905-745-2242.

For Suppliers

Detailed questions and comments regarding the supplier user experience on SquareMarket.

Suppliers can begin the onboarding process through the 'For Suppliers' tab linked at the top of the page. We will require some basic information about your business then will schedule a call to get to know your business better, share more details about SquareMarket and get your account set up.

We've designed our fees to be simple, transparent and make sense for your business.

We charge a small commission on each transaction on top of the credit card processing fees. These will be clearly shared as part of the onboarding process.

Once your business is onboarded, you will gain access to the Supplier Portal where can manage your dedicated supplier page and product catalogue, as well as all restaurant onboarding requests and orders.

Each onboarding request, order, payment and invoice will also be delivered to your email instantly so you never miss a sale.

Please submit a Supplier Contact Form through the 'For Suppliers' page linked at the top and we'll get in touch very shortly.

We have plenty more resources to share with you, as well as availability to have a call or meet in person to discuss SquareMarket.