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Why Sell through squaremarket?

SquareMarket is designed to make the relationship between restaurants and suppliers as seamless as possible.

That means using technology to take care of the manual, time consuming tasks like finding the key restaurant contact person, accepting orders, executing payments and invoicing. This frees up your time so you can spend it more meaningfully on client relationships and growing your business.

SquareMarket is designed to be 'brand-first', meaning our Supplier Partners control their brand and customer experience, while we power and improve that experience behind-the-scenes. This design gives restaurants the one-stop-shop aspect they love, while giving suppliers their own space to run and grow thier business.

Better Customer Experience

Give your restaurant customers a self-serve option with a product that they love to use.

It saves them time, money and keeps them organized. Suppliers selling through SquareMarket provide these benefits to their restaurant customers.

Increased Sales Leads & Brand Exposure

SquareMarket is giving restaurants a one-stop-shop to discover and transact with local suppliers.

The suppliers on SquareMarket will benefit from brand exposure and sales leads generated from our platform.

Streamlined & Organized Processes

SquareMarket is streamlining the relationship between suppliers and restaurants from end-to-end.

Suppliers can manage all conversations, orders, payments, invoices and more in one central portal.

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Supplier FAQs