Feature Launch: Communications


We're excited to officially launch our Communications feature.

Restaurants can now initiate and receive messages, including files, from their Suppliers on SquareMarket. This feature brings the dozens of sales rep conversations into one place - compared to having them all separate across email, text messages and phone calls. This also opens a direct line to the supplier, so you know that your message is always being received by the right person.

How to use:

  • On each Supplier Page within the Marketplace, you will find a green button that says 'Vendor Chat' on the bottom right. Here you will be able to ask questions on products, request samples, get an order update or anything else. 
  • Once you send a message, the Supplier can either join the Live Chat with you to answer your questions quickly, or they can send a response to your email. You will never miss a message as all notifications are also sent to your email. 
  • Additionally, Suppliers will be able to initiate conversations with you once you place an order with them. You will be able to receive delivery updates, information on new products, promotions, and anything that your Supplier would like to share with you.  

We developed this feature directly alongside many of our Restaurant and Supplier Partners and believe that this more candid and organized communications channel will improve your direct relationships with your Suppliers on SquareMarket - and generally make your job running a restaurant just a bit easier.

As always, feel free to send us any feedback, questions, or ideas on SquareMarket - we love working closely with our users to make our product better.